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We always start with a warm-up to help free our voices for singing and avoid strain. This includes some gentle stretches, and fun voice exercises, followed by one or two simple rounds or chants. 

We then sing in harmony and you decide whether to sing with higher or deeper voices – some people change parts frequently depending on the song or how they feel that evening, others prefer to stay with their chosen part most of the time.

Many women who cannot sing the high notes comfortably are pleased to find their voice as altos or tenors. Sometimes we sing while walking about to experience the full harmony sound, but you are always free to sit or stand as you wish, particularly if you have a disability or just feel tired. 

There is a short break half way through the evening when we publicise any local musical events – we encourage people to share information about other singing or music in the area, whatever the style. 

You may wish to bring a bottle of water to lubricate the vocal cords.

Occasionally we have a more relaxed session with suitable refreshments and more time for socialising.

We sometimes invite family and friends to hear us sing and very occasionally we sing in public.  However the emphasis is very much on singing for enjoyment rather than for performance.

"As a new recruit, I found everyone really warm and welcoming"