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‘‘I had not sung since I left school many years ago. Janet makes it so much fun"

Many of our members have never sung in a choir before or only sang at school.  Being a large enthusiastic group, there is safety in numbers and you will never be expected to sing solo. The established members will carry you along and it does not matter if your voice is a bit rusty or less than perfect. In fact if you think you can’t sing, you could find the experience of singing in a friendly supportive group will change your mind.

If you have previous experience of singing in a more formal choir you will enjoy singingin a different way, with plenty of laughter and smiles but without the pressure of preparing for performances. Our repertoire is very varied. Janet selects or writes songs which can be quite challenging but there is great reward when we make such a wonderful sound.  Sometimes we just let rip on familiar songs in unison!

‘‘Quite different from my previous choir - more relaxed and much more fun"

‘‘New people can feel confident that they can come and try a session without any obligation to come again. There are lots of us, so you’re one of a crowd - there’s safety in numbers!"